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KDS - Tool Cone Direct Clamping System

Highest concentricity and short setting-up times are ensured by our direct clamping system of the tool cones.

With this method, the cone and the cutter are clamped as a package into the sleeve for grinding. This effects a deletion of the aggregate tolerance of cone and collet. Improvement of concentricity leads to minor tool wear and for this reason to a longer tool life. At the same time the work piece quality will be improved.

Besides quality improvement productivity will be increased considerably with a 5 to 10fold time saving.


SU2 Prospekt (pdf)

 Applications:  Grinding of tools in tool holder

  • Werkzeugkegel Direktspannsystem
      Kurze Rüstzeiten, Zeitersparnis 5- bis 10-fach
      Höchste Rundlaufgenauigkeit durch Löschung der Summentoleranz
      Geringerer Werkzeugverschleiß, Höhere Werkzeugstandzeit
      Steigerung der Werkstückqualität
  • Montage der SU2
    Qualitätskontrolle am Koordinaten-Messsystem
  • Werkzeugkegel-Direktspannung
    Prüfen der Rundlaufgenauigkeit
  • Werkstück und Fräser
    In der Mikro-Bearbeitung
  • SU2 Oberschlitten
    Eingespannte Werkzeugaufnahme mit Fräser
  • SU2 Pinole
    Schnittdarstellung mit Kegeldirektspannung
  • SU2 Pinole
    Einspannen der Werkzeugaufnahme

Highest precision with the tool cone direct clamping system

  Shorter set-up times, time saving 5 to 10fold
  Highest concentricity by deletion of aggregate tolerance
  Minor tool wear, superior tool life
  Improvement of work piece quality


Design characteristics
  Sleeve in hardened and ground precision design
  Long-life sleeve bearing, dust-proof
  Clamping system with integrated release unit
  Compact design
  Various tool holders possible
System Precise SRP-6

Tool diameter 2 - 8 mm

On request

System Precise ATC2-10-6

 Tool diameter 2 - 8 mm

System Precise ATC 2-20-16

Tool diameter 3 - 10 mm

System Jäger WK 16-6

Tool diameter 1- 6 mm

System Jäger WK 19-10

Tool diameter 2 - 10 mm

System ISO10
System HSK E25

Tool diameter 3 - 10 mm

On request

System HSK E32

Tool diameter  3 - 12 mm


We will be glad to inform you about further options

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