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Control System and Software – oriented to process

The performance of modern CNC controlled milling and engraving systems is essentially defined by the flexibility and quality of the software and control system.

KUHLMANN, as a pioneer in this field, can look back on decades of experience in research and development.
By the beginning of the 80’s our own control systems and software were being used successfully and their development has continued to this day.

Our PC based 32 bit multiprocessor path control can operate at high speed with up to 16 precisely positioned axles.
Tailor-made software packages have been designed specially to meet all the requirement of a wide variety of applications.

2D and 3D image files can be imported and sent as a DIN/ISO file to the machine.



 Galerie:  Continous Process Solutions

  • CAD
  • 3D Visio Pro
  • Projektion auf 3D-Oberfläche
  • Die erste Idee ...
  • ... Entwurf in CAD ...
  • Konstruktionsdetail
  • ... 3D-Darstellung der Spritzgussform ...
  • ... Das fertige Produkt aus Kunststoffspritzgussteilen

Make use of our know-how to cope with your production requirements!

Technical data KM3060:
  PC control system  
  32 bit CNC multiprocessor path control
  Axis solution  
  PIKO interpolation (0,6x10-12m)
  Positioning accuracy  
  ± 0,001
  Number of axles  
  Path interpolation up to 16 axes simultaneously
  Number of axles  
  SERCOS Interface
  Set changing time       < 100 µs


Design characteristics
  Suitable control system and software for any application
  Close cooperation with software developers, realization of special solutions
  Powerful state-of-the-art control systems for milling and engraving, suitable for industrial needs
  Open interfaces, processing according to DIN 66025
  Partnership with leading engraving software developers
  Continuously menu-driven and process-oriented manufacturing sequences
Control System KM4

32bit engraving machine control system
Step and servo drive
Up to 8 axles (dividing head, rotary table…)
3D surfaces, touching and scanning
Compatible to Kuhlmann controller

Control System andronic KM3060

Milling machine control system
32bit multi processor path control
Path interpolation up to 16 axes simultaneously
HMI: DIN 66025/ISO6983 and anlog-C
Operator panel with hand-held control and handwheel

BESgrav Engraving Software

Control system and software from one source
2d up to 3D engraving programs (packages)
Handling under one software interface
Direct machine output
Engraving on 3D surfaces……

HCAM Engraving and Milling Software

Universal software from 2D to relief
Numerous data imports + exports
3D engraving and milling
CAD data exchange, graphic processing
Mirror relief processing……

Lang Engraving Software

LErgoCAD “all-in-one” software
Object-oriented operating logic
Projection on surfaces, equalized
Data imports 2D and 3D
LDriver machine output

Type 3 Engraving Software

User-friendly 2D to 3D software
Powerful 3D tools
Artistic 3D processing
Data imports + exports
Embossing dies, matrices and stamps

3D CAD Software Solid Works

Volume modeling


Integrated CAM system
Milling strategy flexible and fast

Scantech Software

Fast 3D scanning
Data reduction
Transforming data in: STL, TIF or BESgrav SGR formate
Automatic milling path calculation


We will be glad to inform you about further options

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