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Second-hand machines with manufacturer’s warranty

Through many decades Kuhlmann has gained international reputation as a manufacturer of machine tools. Highest quality and a long lifespan are the main characteristics of our machines. Experienced specialists refurbish your second hand machines and by use of original spare parts they will be set in a state as good as new. 

We realize modernizations according to customer requirements by:

  • Installation of future-proof components
  • New modern control units
  • High-definition fast drives
  • Powerful milling spindles
  • Various tool changers
  • Modern software
Only we supply second-hand machines with manufacturer’s warranty
Phone: 0 55 24  92 47 15
Email: sales@kuhlmann-cnc.de


Gallery: Examples second-hand machines
Second-hand machines
Kuhlmann P25CA  

CNC Milling and Enraving Machine P25CA


Kuhlmann P25E  

CNC Electrode Milling Machine P25E - Refurbished


Kuhlmann P25ESP  

CNC Milling and Engraving Machine P25ESP - Refurbished


Kuhlmann Saturn 2  

CNC Milling and Engraving Machine Saturn 2 - Refurbished





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