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P25C – Precision and efficiency

P25C’s main characteristics are its compact design and advantageous cost / performance ratio.

High precision and durability provide for long-term professional success. With its large work area premium engravings and most subtle milling results can be produced economically.

The flexible modular construction system, combined with application-oriented software and optional control allows to realize customer-specific solutions. The application area ranges from a simple plate through demanding dies up to die casting molds.

Nearly no boundaries are set to creativity.


P25C / P25CA Prospekt (pdf)

 Applications:  Blind stamps, gilt stamps, numbering stamps, embossing tools, rings, rolls, front panels…

  • P25C
    Technical data:
      Working area  
    X x Y x Z mm
      500 x 600 x 200
    (optional: Z=280)
      Axis drive  
      Digital AC servo drive
      Speed rate  
      Up to 20
      CNC control  
      KM4 control
      Milling spindle  
    kW • 1/min
      bis 4,5 • bis 60.000
  • Golddruckstempel
  • Fertigungsbreite
  • Nummerierstempel
  • Prägewerkzeug
  • Münzenrohling
  • Skala

Materials: copper, brass, aluminium, steel (up to 63 HRC), stainless steel, non-ferrous metals…

Technical data:
  Working area  
X x Y x Z mm
  500 x 600 x 200
(optionally z=280)
  Axis drive  
  Digital AC servo drive
  Speed rate  
  up to 20
  CNC control  
  KM4 control
  Milling spindle  
kW • 1/min
  up to 4.5 • to 60,000


Design characteristics
  High rigidity and damping because of portal type cast iron design
  Flexibility because of modular construction system
  Backlash-free preloaded rail systems and precision ball screws
  Compact design by integrated electronic components
  Optimum ergonomics and ease of use
  Powerful drives and shop-oriented control
  • AL-Raster-Vakuum-Tisch
    Größe 500 x 600 mm . Raster 25 mm . Anschlagleisten und Dichtschnur . Alternativ Integriert im T-Nutentisch
AL Raster Vacuum Table

Size 500 x 600 mm
Raster 25 mm
Stop rails and rope seal
Integrated in T-slot table

Pick-Up tool changer with tool length measuring system

...for various spindle types
Various quantities

Tool changer for 16 tools

Various tool cones
with gripper groove
Position encoding

NC Indexing heads

Various manufacturers
Top height up to 100 mm
Tail stock manually
Chuck or collet clamping

Milling spindle packages

Various manufacturers
Capacity  0.3 - 4.5 kW
Rotational speed up to 80,000 RPM
Air or water cooling

Slewable surface sensor

Z-touch of surface
Changeable probe tip
Software required

Minimum quantity lubrication

Various manufacturers according to application
With storage tank
Spray head

Dust extraction

To be mounted on clamping unit
Height manually adjustable
Connection with external suction device
Diameter 26 mm


We will be glad to inform you about further options

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