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SU2 - Diamond Edition

The SU2 is a cost-efficient precision machine for milling of engraving and form cutters as well as special tools. accurate cutting edge geometries can be produced quickly and economically - at highest degrees of accuracy.

The versatility of this extremely reliable high-quality machine complies with all requirements, even under toughest shop conditions.
Years of experience and continuous development have established the SU2 as an integral element fo rmanufacture.

The version “Diamond Edition” is fitted with diamond grinding wheel on balanced flange. The option “direct clamping of tool cone” (instead of collet clamping) allows to achieve highest cyclic running precision during tool grinding.


SU2 Prospekt (pdf)

 Applications:  Grinding of engraving- and form cutters as well as special tools

  • KUHLMANN SU2 - Diamant Edition
    Technical data:
      Abmessungen • Gewicht  
    mm • kg
      360 x 480 x 350 • 38
      Drehzahl Schleifspindel  
      1,0 - 18
      0 - 90
      0 - 45
  • Fertigung
  • Stichelschleifmaschine SU2
    Pinole mit Spannzangenaufnahme
  • Pinole SU2
  • SU2
    Spannzangenspannung mit 2-Schneiden-Fräser
  • Werkstück mit Mikrofräser
  • SU2 mit Staubabsaugung

SU2 is an indispensable accessory in your production line.

Technical data:
  Dimensions / Weight  
mm • kg
  360 x 480 x 350 • 38
  Rotational speed milling spindle  
  Tool diameter  
  1,0 - 18
  Setting angle  
  0 - 90
  Relief angle  
  0 - 45


Design characteristics
  Sturdy machine housing with built-in, dust-protected drive motor
  Guiding shaft with counter bearing
  backlash-free highly precise fine adjustment; reading accuracy: 0,01 mm
  Grinding spindle with precision ball bearing and dust protection
  Wheel flange with tapered chuck and balancing provision
  Modern machine design and excellent ergonomics
KDS Tool Cone Direct Clamping System

Tool and holder are fitted as one unit directly into the SU2 sleeve

MSK Tool Measuring System

SU2’s integral tool measuring system MSK allows for minute verification of tool’s cutting edge during the grinding process.

Milling Machine Base

Stable construction
Ergonomic working height
Deposit for accessories

Grinding Wheel Balancing System

For optimum vibration-free concentricity
With balancing mandrel

Dust extraction device

with connecting piece

dust extractor T191 with tube
max. 1.250 W
capacity 11 ltrs.

Halogen Spot Machine Lamp

12V / 20W
500 – 1.000 Lux
Lamp head with link
No heat development on illuminated object

Grinding wheels

Diamond for hard metal tools
D7, D15, D46, D76, D91, D126
Roughing, finishing
Aluminium oxide for HSS tools
K46, K60, K80, K100

Collets in precision design

Metric version: 1,0 mm – 18 mm
Inch version: 1/16” – 23/64”
Special collets


We will be glad to inform you about further options

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